“Next-generation PTT solutions typically support dynamic generation of talk groups based on location or APIs.”

Gartner Hype Cycle for Frontline Worker Technologies, 2021

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Whatever the job, workers tend to collaborate in teams. Dynamic talk groups connect only the team members who are essential to getting the job done—no one is interrupted if they don't need to be. No more clutter or distraction.

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Any device or network

Dynamic talk groups work the way your teams do, connecting mobile, IP, LTE, 5G, radio, and telephony. You can add private or ad hoc talk channels at will. Users can join mulitple channels simultaneously as needed.

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How they work

Instant Connect Enterprise (ICE) connects frontline workers in talk groups that can be auto-assembled based on any number of triggers—workflows, tasks, events, emergencies, or IoT-based alerts. The task that needs to be accomplished can be anything – turning around an airplane, inspecting a pipeline, executing a mining mission underground, unloading a warehouse shipment, responding to an unscheduled incident, etc.

Team members are connected via any device they want – mobile, radio, IP, even telephony. The software alerts only the workers required for the task or mission. No one is interrupted if they don't need to be, eliminating the clutter and distraction of conventional push-to-talk.

The team collaborates to resolve the situation or execute the workflow. They can be assisted by instructions and supporting documents, all supplied automatically as part of the workflow. Additional participants can be added with ease. Once the task or mission is completed, the talk group is automatically disassembled.


Keep your teams connected—no matter what

The ecosystem of devices and networks is constantly growing. But this can't be a barrier to communication as teams work to complete critical missions or resolve rapidly changing situations. Dynamic talk groups connect mobile, IP, radio, and telephony—extending communications wherever your teams are, using whatever devices are at their fingertips.

PTT Interoperability
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